Automotive Debt Statistics

Automotive Debt Statistics 2022-2023 Auto loan debt is the third-largest debt consumer have, behind mortgages and student loan debt. The average car loan debt for a new car is $648 monthly in [...]

Car Payment Statistics

Average Car Payment Statistics 2022-2021 The Average Monthly Payment for New Cars Is $644 56% of Loans Are Used to Buy SUVs Average New Car Loan Interest Rates Are 3.86% New Car Costs Average [...]

Car Theft Statistics

Car Theft Statistics 2021-2022 Vehicle Theft Increased by 11.8% in 2020 Compared to the Previous Year An Estimated $8,886 Is Lost Each Time a Vehicle Gets Stolen Someone Stole a Car Every 36 [...]

Auto Loan Default Statistics

Auto Loan Default Statistics 2022-2021 Defaults increased from auto loan lending standard decay. Q1-2020-to-Q2-2021 auto loan defaults rose from 4.17% to 4.64%. Millennial-driven increases in [...]