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Online Title Loans Maximum Annual Percentage Rate: For most qualifying loans, TitleLoanser will not check your credit file or send reports to the credit bureaus. Eligible customers can take advantage of our Title Loanser Car Title Loan Program (up to 35.99% APR). It is vital to point out that we offer financing for 12, 14, 18, and 24 months. Customers can also ask for customized loan terms. We will not penalize you if you pay off your loan early.

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique or different. This is the primary reason why we offer longer term loans.

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Example of Our Loan Terms:

  • APR: 35.99%
  • Term: 12 Months
  • Finance Charge: $101.38
  • Amount Financed: $500
  • Minimum Monthly Payments: $50.23
  • Total of Payments: $601.38

Title Loans are designed to help you cover your short-term financial affairs. Title Loans should not be viewed as a long-term solution for your financial affairs. It is imperative for you to take proper precautions and borrow responsibly.

Repayment Period: Title Loanser has an impeccable reputation when it comes to offering short-term loans to their customers with terms that help them repay the borrowed amount within a specific period of time. Customers can pay their loan off early without a penalty. You can refinance the outstanding balance if you are unable to pay off the loan within the agreed time period. A twelve month loan with no prepayment penalty is our standard loan. Please keep in mind that customized terms are also available.

Financial Ramifications: We have fair financial ramifications attached to our Title Loans. If you do not make a payment within ten days of a Due Date, a late fee (5% of the unpaid balance of the installment due) will be assessed.

Collection Practices: We focus on offering a loan that is ideal for your personal financial needs. We don’t want you to fall behind on your payments. If you are not able to make your payment on time, Title Loanser will be more than happy to work with you. Our policies fall within the guidelines of the FDCPA.

Potential Impact to Users Credit Score: At this time, Title Loanser does not report non-payment to the three major credit bureaus. However, we could file a civil suit against you if you are not able to pay back the loan. The civil suit will lead to a judgment, and the judgment will show up on your credit report.

Title Loan Buy Out Banks:  Title Loanser can help match you with banks that buy out title loans so you can make sure to make your payments on time and protect your credit.

Renewal Policy: Please be aware that short-term loans are renewed automatically if they are not paid off on the loan due date.

Collection Practices: Non-payment ramifications and collection policy: Title Loanser lenders help you use our car title loan calculator and has customers sign short-term loan agreements with fair terms just check out the car title loan statistics.